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Hi, I'm Jools McKnight.
Welcome to my Yoga with Jools website.

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Would you like to

Feel fitter?

Get stronger?

Become more flexible?

Learn to relax?

Improve your core strength?

Lose weight?

Learn to breathe better?

Reduce your blood pressure?

Feel more in tune with your body?

Yoga can help you to achieve all of these things, and more.
Check my open class timetable page to see which classes may suit you.

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of yoga for over 30 years

and I'd like you to feel as good as I do!
I worked for a bank when I left school and had attended weekly yoga classes since I was in my teens.  A lovely teacher called Doris encouraged me to train as a yoga teacher back then but it wasn't the right time for me. Many years later, I was going through a difficult time and found that a more frequent yoga practice really made a difference and helped me to get through. I decided that I'd like to learn more and to help others feel the benefits I was feeling.

I left the bank and went to London to train with Yoga Professionals. I graduated with a CYQ level 3 certificate in advanced exercise and fitness knowledge and teaching yoga.  My learning continues through courses, workshops, reading and, most of all, my students!
You can contact me on 07879 853094, email me or find me on Facebook

Should you try yoga?


Everyone can benefit from yoga; male or female, young or old, athletes or those new to exercise.

It's Your yoga!

My classes are not competitive and I encourage everyone to find their own level.  I'll suggest alternative postures so that you can choose a gentle or a more challenging practice.  We are all unique; we have different bodies and different levels of fitness - we even feel different from one day to the next and it's important that we choose a practice which suits us.

Many people come along expecting to stretch and strengthen their bodies but, after just a few sessions, start to leave with so much more.

Others tell me that they don’t think that yoga is for them as they're not very flexible - If you think you're too stiff for yoga - it's probably because you don't practise yoga! 

Yoga will help you to become more flexible –  why not give it a try?
Check the open class timetable page for details, give me a call on 07879 853094  or
email me if you have any questions.  

About yoga.

The roots of yoga can be traced back to India around 5000 years ago, an ancient philosophy and way of life very different to ours. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning to yoke, join or unite. This implies joining or integrating all aspects of an individual - body with mind and mind with spirit. 

In our modern world, I see this as restoring the natural balance to our bodies and peace to our minds, which is what I'd like to help you to achieve.

For people in the West today, yoga is a way of maintaining good health and calm within our busy modern lives.  Yoga postures help to strengthen the body, lose weight, improve flexibility and relieve many of the symptoms of stress.  The relaxation and breathing techniques are effective methods for us to slow down, relax and unwind.

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