Thanks Jools, so look forward to your class every week!
This year after X-ray, I found out that I have a bad case of scoliosis, and prior to starting your class I woke up at 1.30ish every morning with excruciating back pain and unable to go back to sleep. Now following (and avoiding certain exercises e.g. crunches) I can live pain free without taking any pain killers whatsoever!

Also it seems so much research goes into your classes, for example, breathing techniques, and the class I did with you the other day has highlighted the three points on my feet whilst balancing and walking.

Also despite being dyspraxia and having balance issues I can now do such poses as the tree!


I started going to yoga classes with Jools 3 years ago. I was in recovery from 20 years of being housebound and very often bedbound due to M.E. I had also developed severe anxiety as a result of stopping all of the medication that I had been taking. After so many years of complete inactivity I knew that I had to find a way to return to a greater level of fitness. I decided to try yoga and luckily found my way to Jools’ website.


I was terrified of even going out of the house but was also very determined to face up to these fears, and so I phoned Jools. She immediately put me at ease and suggested that yoga would indeed be a very good way to achieve both of my goals and so I forced myself to go along to that very first class. I was a bag of nerves and not at all sure what to expect.


3 years on and I am still attending on a weekly basis. My health is so very much better, I am fitter and stronger than I was even prior to the M.E and my anxiety levels have reduced significantly and I am still improving as my yoga practice continues.


Jools is a fabulous teacher who has a very easy-going and inclusive style. I am amazed at how she manages to teach all levels in the same class and still challenges each student. She encourages everyone to work to their own level and is extremely knowledgeable and supportive as well as great fun. I enjoy each and every class and always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.


I would and do recommend her classes to anyone, young or old without hesitation and would encourage everyone to find out for themselves the amazing benefits of yoga.


I have been attending Jools’ classes going on three years now and it has made such a big difference to life, in both body and mind. Jools is a wonderful person and I look forward to the classes very much. Yoga is a way of life for me now, give it a go you won’t regret it.


Love yoga with Jools, lots of fun and no pressure, always feel better afterwards, and the chair yoga crowd are a hoot xx


Best yoga teacher I have ever known. Really lovely lady


I absolutely love Jools’ Saturday morning class..it is a wonderful chance to unwind the mind and recharge the soul as well as strengthening the core! Massive thanks to Jools..the class is full of laughter too..I always leave feeling elated and energized💗(and inspired to write😉😚)


I’ve been a regular at Jools’ yoga classes for years now. It’s the best part of my week. I’m more flexible and aware of how my body works best. Still progressing and learning. The atmosphere in the classes is super relaxed and friendly. Can’t wish for anything more. Perfect! Thanks Jools


Quite new to Jools’ yoga class, already feeling the benefit! Wish I had started years ago!


I started off doing one class a week with Jools and now I’m doing two! That’s how good the classes are. Friendly, inviting, relaxing . . . oh everything. Totally agree with the poster below: It’s YOUR practice and there is a clear emphasis on this which makes the question of your level irrelevant. Yep! Should’ve done this years ago!!


I highly recommend Yoga with Jools, I’ve been going to her classes for several years and she is a fabulous teacher, she makes everyone feel at ease and always stresses that it’s not a competition to see if you can bend or stretch more than the person on the next mat, it’s YOUR yoga and you just need to listen to YOUR body. I love the sessions and afterwards I feel relaxed, but at the same time energised, it sounds weird but it’s true. My only regret is that I didn’t start yoga 30 years ago! Thanks Jools!


I really enjoy yoga with Jools, love the way she encourages us to reach our full potential without ever hurting or straining ourselves. It’s fun I always feel better after participating.

Yoga can teach you to relax and sleep better – why not give it a try? Call me 07879 853094